The Sterri-Matt PPE Organiser Range is Truly an Australian Innovation

Sterri-Matt® PPE Mobile Station: SMATT-WCSP/ WCSM

Sterri-Matt has been assisting health and aged care facilities with one of their innovative infection control products. With PPE as a hot topic, Sterri-Matt Pty Ltd has seen a huge surge in demand for their Australian designed PPE Organiser stations.

The Sterri-Matt PPE Organiser range is truly an Australian innovation with the company originally collaborating with an infection control team from Qld Health to design a PPE Organiser station that met a high standard of infection control requirements.

From the original design, Sterri-Matt over the last 4 years has gone on to create what can only be described as the largest multifunction range of PPE Organisers currently available to Health care facilities anywhere in the world.

It is also true to say that they are now the No.1 choice for Hospitals and Aged Care in Australia and New Zealand.

The patent-pending designs provide a facility with an opportunity to improve their infection control programs by ensuring the stations have all the necessary PPE items available to their staff.

The stations are designed to universally fit all brands and packaging sizes of PPE items. The Sterri-Matt PPE Organiser range can be used in a multitude of ways.

Each size PPE Organiser can be either wall-mounted hung from a patient/residence door or clipped to the very clever Mobile Station. With the range being modular it allows facilities to almost design their own stations with an abundance of clip-on accessories to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the stations.

The Mobile station with its many options and add ons is now seen as the swiss army knife of PPE!

The engineering and quality of the stations took over 2 years to perfect, to ensure that the stations stand up to the rigours of a health facility. During construction, the stations are treated with a proprietary anti-corrosion treatment and then receive a unique durable double-dip coating.

  • The materials used are all high quality to ensure the stations will last for years. In fact, the original stations delivered to a QLD Hospital still look as new today.
  • Many facilities that have purchased the PPE stations have reported a higher level of compliance from staff wearing the correct PPE, less wastage of PPE as you can control the stock a lot better in the stations.
  • Easy to store, most facilities will have the organisers stocked and ready to deploy from a pan room or linen room.
  • The innovative door hang system allows the unit to be positioned on a residents door but still allow the door to be closed, removing the rip hazard of tables or chairs normally used adjacent to a room door.

The current health climate has reinforced the need for facilities to look at PPE and the dispensing of and Sterri-Matt has been front and centre in providing the solutions.

The range continues to increase as the team develops new versions and sizes that provide even more choice in how PPE is dispensed in a facility including areas such as laundry, kitchens and also visitors entering facilities.

Sterri-Matt is the manufacturer and supplier of the PPE Organiser range meaning you are purchasing direct and prices can be kept competitive. Installing Sterri-Matt’s 100% original Australian designed PPE organiser stations provides your facility with a guaranteed improved infection control program.

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