Sterri-Matt Soft Surface Cleaning Solution

Stop the damage on your mattresses! YOUR residents are at risk!! Soft-surface cleaning sanitiser developed to protect your assets and endorsed by leading manufacturers.

Benefits of Sterri-Matt®

  • Easy Foam Application
  • Wipe on, Wipe off
  • No Dilution required
  • No Harmful Solvents or Chemicals
  • Effective use of Nurse/Carers Time.
  • Fresh Pleasant Fragrance
  • Less impact to Patients
  • No.1 Deodoriser in Health & Aged Care

Uses of Sterri-Matt®

  • Hospitals, Aged Care, Medical Facilities
  • Deep Cleans
  • Health Mattresses, Fall Out Chairs
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Stain Removal, Fecal Removal
  • Deodorizes & Reodorizes
  • Fast Dry Application
  • Class 1 Medical Device

Sterri-Matt® Auto Dispenser

Sterri-Matt Auto Dispenser for filling 150ml Applicators Bottles

Our new unique 2 Litre automatic dispenser makes refilling our 150ml Applicator Bottles
clean and easy. Simply place bottle under dispenser and press the button. Available from July.

Another unique solution from Sterri-Matt®

How to use Sterri-Matt?

1) Apply the Foam

Apply foam direct onto Mattress, wipe with cloth all over mattress.

2) Clean with Cloth

Using Cloth/paper towel to remove any matter/stains etc.

3) Leave it to Dry

Mattress will Dry Instantly, Clean Deodorised & ready for Patient.

Effective use of Sterri-Matt®

Under trial, using Sterri-Matt® significantly reduced the time required to clean hospital mattresses after soiling or discharge of patients.

  • Sterri-Matt® has been approved by many of the leading Mattress Manufacturers.
  • *Universal means Sterri-Matt® is able to function as a Detergent & Disinfectant.

Sterri-Matt® Portable Applicator


  • Fully Portable
  • No External Power Required
  • Auto On/Off Function
  • Holds 2 Litre of Product
  • Cuts cleaning time down
  • Ideal for Technicians Vehicles
  • No Mess
  • 1.5m Hose

Sterri-Matt® Health Hygiene Management System

Stop! Every day you clean your equipment you are damaging the integrity of the surface. STERRI-MATT® the only Universal* Soft Surface Cleaning Sanitiser developed to not damage your equipment and endorsed by leading manufacturers

AcrylicSwitch Plate (Plastic)
Stainless SteelVinyl Mattress Covers
Tygon Medical TubingPolypropylene
RubberOuter Casing Plastics
GlassLaminate Counter Tops
Vinyl RubberChrome
Nickel2 Pac Painted Surfaces
General SurfacesHigh Touch Surfaces
Bed, Headboard,
Siderails, Coated
Pilows, Footboard
Door Knobs
Door Frames
Bed Rails
FurnitureCall Buttons
CountersIV Poles & Pumps
Vertical SurfacesBlood Pressure
Monitors, Glucometers
Bedside TablesOver bed Tables
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Destructive
  • No Dilution
  • Instant Dry

Fast Acting Deodoriser & Reodorant

Deeply penetrating, foaming cleaning action removes soils with additional anti-bacterial action to neutralise odours and sanitise at the source and reodorises with a fresh fragrance.

The formulation is a clever, blended, antimicrobial solution developed by Sterri-Matt Pty Ltd. It contains various biocides including quaternary ammonium compounds and polymeric biguanide designed to work in unison. This means that the effectiveness of the biocides is multiplied when these are working together.

This ensures a wide antimicrobial activity and a high kill-count when using Sterri-Matt. Sterri-Matt also contains an effective surfactant for use as a detergent.

Sterri-Matt® What’s in it?

Sterri-Matt® is a unique proprietary blend especially developed to address the issues of damage to soft surfaces. Our unique formulation contains a combination of Quaternary ammonium compounds & polymeric biguanide blended to provide increased effectiveness.

* Benzalkonium Chloride – Didecyl demithyl ammonium chloride – PHMB

Sterri-Matt® Results - Below is a summary

Escherichia ColiPseudomonas
aureus (MRSA)
enterococci (VRE)
Clostridium Difficile
Colitis (C-diff)
Enterococcus HiraeAcetobacterAcinetobacter
Vibrio cholerae*Mycobacterium
Listeria Monocytogenes
Campylobacter Jejuni*Klebsiella Pneumoniae*

Sterri-Matt® Information:

What are the caution statements for this product:

Avoid contact with eyes.

Discontinue use if irritation develops, if irritation persists for more than 72 hours seek medical advice. Use on complex or invasive equipment is not advised. If using for prolonged periods wear gloves.

Why is Sterri-Matt identified as a universal product:

Sterri-Matt functions as a disinfectant and detergent simultaneously and can be used on hands, all
surfaces and all ward based equipment.

What is the Active Ingredients in Sterri-Matt:

The formulation is a clever blended antimicrobial solution developed by Sterri-Matt Pty Ltd. It contains various biocides including quaternary ammonium compounds and polymeric biguanide designed to work unison. This means that the effectiveness of the biocides is increased by many multiples when working in tandem together. This ensures a wide antimicrobial activity and a high kill count when
using Sterri-Matt. Sterri-Matt also contains an effective surfactant for use as a detergent.

Kill Time:

This reduction in germs or kill count is expressed in a log form and in simple terms, the log number is the number of 9s that is expressed in a percentage reduction. For example, 2 log reduction is 99%, 4 log reduction is 99.99% and so on. Sterri-Matt under testing has consistently demonstrated a 5 log kill count (99.999%) of most germ groups in the contact time specified.

Why Foam is superior:

Sterri-Matt foam has a drawing action as well as the ability to break down soil and bio-burden on the surface, which then allows our blended biocides to get to work on the actual surface.

Sterri-Matt – VS – Wipes?

Testing and analysis has found that most common universal wipes are not suitable for specialised surfaces such as Health Mattresses, Comfort Chairs and similar equipment that uses two-way stretch vinyls. It is also believed that wipes are more cost-effective. However, when trialled against Sterri-Matt, it was found that Sterri-Matt was in fact far most cost-effective per bed than wipes and in most cases more than ten wipes were needed to clean and sanitise a bed correctly.

It has also been proven that some common ingredients in wipes damage two-way stretch material. In fact, many mattress suppliers now recommend that wipes not be used on these surfaces due to the damage caused to the fabric.

Instructions for HealthCare Mattress Cleaning

Sterri-Matt® is for use when a Healthcare mattress needs cleaning due to soiling, changeover or general maintenance.

1. Remove sheets and other material from the Mattress.
2. Apply Sterri-Matt® foam direct to Mattress, especially over soiled or stained areas
3. With Hand Towels, wipe foam into mattress, using towel to remove any stain or soiled matter.
4. For larger soiled areas allow Sterri-Matt foam to soak for 20 seconds to break down soiling
5. In a wiping motion, spread foam around surface until foam dissipates.
6. Ensure used towels are disposed of correctly.
7. Surface will be dry and bed can be remade if applicable
8. Replace your Sterri-Matt Applicator Bottle in nominated place

When using this product

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes If in eyes, rinse promptly and thoroughly with water

Stop use and ask a doctor if

Skin irritation or redness occurs and persists for more than 72 hours.

Keep out of reach of children

If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre immediately.

Poison Control Centre Number is:

13 11 26

Warnings For external use only

Keep away from fire or flame, heat, sparks, and sources of static discharge. Do not store above 120° F (50°C)

Instructions for Refilling Applicator Bottle

1. Remove lid from Sterri-Matt® buddy container.
2. Twist open Foaming Lid of applicator bottle.
3. Open 2 Litre refill Container and pour liquid into Applicator Bottle
4. Only ¾ fill applicator container.
5. Replace Lid on refill bottle
6. Replace Foaming applicator lid on Applicator Bottle.
7. Please dispose of 2 Litre Refill Container responsibly when empty.

Sterri-Matt® Foaming Sanitiser FAQ’s

No. Sterri-Matt is a specialised foaming sanitiser developed to address the need for a suitable solution to the cleaning of healthcare style mattresses, comfort chairs and vinyl type surfaces & for effective bacteria control with faster drying times, for powerful neutralising and re-odourising, a diluted solution for easy and safe use to assist in extending the life of sensitive healthcare surfaces.

Sterri-Matt is economical and safe. It is applied in controlled beads and maintains shape until wiped, rather than the overuse of liquid sprays which may evaporate or run off during interruptions, losing effectiveness and causing re-application. In some cases liquids have been known to overspray or run to the floor creating a slip hazard. Generally wipes are used very wastefully, being held incorrectly and disposed of before complete optimisation, whilst the supply gradually air dries reducing the desired outcome.

150ml of foaming sanitiser is at a minimum, equivalent to 300ml of liquid spray. It is also more controlled and cost effective against solution.

Perishing and cracking is largely caused when goodness is taken out of sensitive surfaces and materials by alcohol based or other harsh, undiluted active ingredients - Sterri-Matt has been developed to nourish & protect by adding in moisturisers to keep elasticity and resilience. Sterri-Matt has been approved for by most of the well known mattress brands.

To give an indication of area, Sterri-Matt should clean at least 18 – 22 mattresses used in normal conditions. This will vary depending on the style of application, surface types and severity of any soiled region.

After spreading and wiping away the foam, the sanitised surfaces are generally visually and touch dry within few seconds. Eliminating the need for extended air drying the surface.

A chloride blend base mixed at safe levels. The solution contains Benzyl Chromium Chloride and Didecyldimethylammonium chlorides (DDAC) as well as our unique propriety blend of actives proven to be effective against common healthcare environment bacteria.

Tested and proven effective on all common bacteria suspects found in healthcare environments. Not recommended for the control of highly infectious conditions and operating theatre use.

Yes. Sterri-Matt is registered by the manufacturer Sterri-Matt (ARTG no. 181388) and has an MSDS. It is also non-hazardous as defined by NOHSC Australia guidelines.