Stop! The damage on your mattresses YOUR residents are at risk!!



  • Easy Foam Application
  • Wipe on, Wipe off
  • No Dilution required
  • No Harmful Solvents or Chemicals
  • Effective use of Nurse/Carers Time.
  • Fresh Pleasant Fragrance
  • Less impact to Patients
  • No.1 Deodoriser in Health & Aged Care

Uses for Sterri-Matt®

  • Hospitals, Aged Care, Medical Facilities
  • Deep Cleans
  • Health Mattresses, Fall Out Chairs
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Stain Removal, Fecal Removal
  • Deodorises & Reodorises
  • Fast Dry Application
  • Class 1 Medical Device

Sterri-Matt® Auto Dispenser for filling 150ml Applicators Bottles

Our new unique 2 Litre automatic dispenser addresses the issues of refilling our 150ml Applicator Bottles. Simply place bottle under dispenser and press the button. Available from July.

Another unique solution from Sterri-Matt®

Under trial, using Sterri-Matt® significantly reduced the time required to clean hospital mattresses after soiling or discharge of patients.

  • Sterri-Matt® has been approved by many of the leading Mattress Manufacturers
  • *Universal means Sterri-Matt® is able to function as a Detergent & Disinfectant

Sterri-Matt® Portable Applicator


  • Fully Portable
  • No External Power Required
  • Auto On/Off Function
  • Holds 2 Litre of Product
  • Cuts cleaning time down
  • Ideal for Technicians Vehicles
  • No Mess
  • 1.5m Hose

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