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Sterri-Matt® Mobile PPE Station

Product Code: SMATT-WCSP/ WCSM

The mobile trolley is a bespoke universal station for use with the range of Sterri-Matt PPE consumables organisers. The stand is adjustable to take either the small, mini, pandemic or gown and mask organiser, according to your requirements.

The stable base with lockable wheels allows for easy transport between stations. You can choose to include a clip on double-sided warning sign.

Designed in collaboration with a clinical team from Queensland Health, the mobile station is an ideal infection control addition where wall space is not available for the wall mount organisers.

The base is in infection control yellow to ensure it is highly visible and the durable construction ensures the station withstands the rigours of constant use.

The Sterri-Matt Mobile PPE Station:
Versatile, Multifunctional and many options available…

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We have used Sterri-Matt for our mattresses for a number of years and have had a reduction in the damage and replacement of our mattresses saving us thousands of dollars.
Trish R
Operations Manager Aged Care
Implementing Sterri-Matt PPE Organisers in our facility has improved PPE Compliance and reduced wastage. Well priced and designed, would absolutely recommend.
Carole R
CNC Hospital
Gienie Clinical has saved our facility during an outbreak. We definitely reduced the time we were in lockdown and the team at Sterri-Matt were on hand over the weekend to advise.
Shirley S
Manager Aged Care
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