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Soft Surface Sanitiser

Sterri-Matt Soft Surface Sanitiser, the only sanitiser developed especially for stretch vinyls used in Healthcare Mattresses & Fall Out chairs. Proven to protect, clean and deodorise.

PPE Consumable Organizer

Australian designed PPE Consumable organizers, for Hospital & Aged Care. Wall Mount or Door Hang. 2 sizes available

Gienie Clinical® 

Gienie Clinical a unique fast effective way to decontaminate rooms, complete in under an hour, Aged Care, Hospitals, Childcare, Offices.


Sterri-Off® is a specially developed hydrophobic solution for addressing issues such as urine on carpets, and liquid soiling of fabric furnishings.

Gienie Rapid Response®

Fast response service for outbreaks in Aged Care, Childcare and other industries needing a fast, cost effective  decontamination of working areas.

PPE Consumable Organizer Range

Large PPE Consumable Organizer

Clinically designed to meet the requirements of Hospitals and Aged Care. Fits all standard PPE items. Improves compliance and wastage.

Product Code: SMATT-WCS1

Small PPE Consumable Organizer

A compact version of our PPE Consumable organizer, with the option of being wall mounted or hung from doors. Ideal for Hospitals & Aged Care

Product Code: SMATT-WCS2

Mini PPE Consumable Organizer

For those wanting a small selection of PPE items on hand, wall mount or hang from a door or railing.

Product Code: SMATT-WCS3

PPE Door Hanger Kit

Option for Small PPE Unit (SMATT-WCS2) to be able to hang organizer from room door. Allows for door to close.

Product Code: SMATT-WCSD

Emesis Bag Holder

Option for Small PPE Unit (SMATT-WCS2) either to clip on side of unit or wall mount separately. Also fits tubes of wipes!

Product Code: SMATT-WCSE



Pandemic PPE Consumable Organizer

Ideal for waiting rooms etc, features gloves, masks, tissues wipes, wall mount or hang from a door or mobile station

Product Code: SMATT-WCS4

New Mobile PPE Station

Available with interchangeable option between Small & Mini PPE Organizers.

Product Code: Please call

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