About Sterri-Matt

Sterri-Matt® is an Australian R&D company, specialising in developing solutions for the infection control areas of the healthcare industry.

Sterri-Matt® has been the leader in developing products & education in soft surface hygiene management and has worked with leading brands of mattresses and fall out chairs.

Sterri-Matt® continues to develop unique and innovative solutions to infection control including; the Gienie Clinical decontamination canister and the Sterri-Matt® PPE Consumables organiser. Gienie Clinical has proven to reduce outbreak times and cost and the Sterri-Matt® PPE Consumables organiser is an industry top seller. Designed with a clinical team from a Queensland Hospital, it meets all infection control guidelines for Hospitals and Aged Care.

Our products are unique and researched and developed with the health care industry to ensure they meet all specifications and guidelines. All our products have been proven to save time and money and are now used in Hospital and Aged Care in Australia, New Zealand and globally.