Universal Repair Solution

A near invisible repair to keep your equipment in service​

Originally developed for the US Navy, the PU multipurpose repair solution can be used on a multitude of vinyl type materials & leather like surfaces.

The proprietary solution is designed to move and stretch with the material being repaired while also providing a permanent weld like adhesion that will not reactivate, eliminating the appearance of a sticky residue around the edges of the repair. Ideal for use in Healthcare, Marine, Aviation and more this universal repair solution provides a suitable solution for infection control.

Available in many sizes and can be trimmed to ensure a perfect repair without edges peeling. The perfect solution to extend the life of any equipment.

  • Pressure Relief Materials
  • Mattresses, Stretchers
  • Rehab Tables & Surgical Beds
  • Examination Tables
  • Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs
  • All Types of GYM equipment
  • Can Be Used All types of Vinyls
  • Aircraft Seats, Taxi Seats, Marine Upholstery

PU Vinyl Leather Plastic Repair PATCH 2

Our repair solution is designed for many environments

  • SEMI-TRANSPARENT – works with all colours
  • INSTANT ADHESION – with no sewing
  • CONFORMS – to irregular surfaces
  • WON’T TURN GUMMY – in high heat
  • UV RESISTANT – inhibits yellowing for years
  • HOLDS AIR & WATER – under pressure even when stretched
  • CUTS EASILY – to any size with scissors
  • NO GLUE TUBES – no mess liquid adhesives to apply
  • ELASTIC PATCH – that won’t pull off when stretched
Our Repair Solution is the low cost solution to damage repairs to a variety of equipment including those used in healthcare. Clinically tested and validated. No special training is required and is easy to use and applied in seconds with little preparation. Your equipment can be back online in seconds. Our Repair Solution has been engineered to survive harshest of environments and is designed to provide a long lasting cost effective solution to equipment damage.
Product SizeProduct CodePack Size
2.2cm * 2.2cm Smatt-TA-S120
3.5cm * 3.5cmSmatt-TA-S220
14.7cm * 7.6cmSmatt-TA-S310