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Portable Stand for PPE Organiser

Product Code: SMATT-WCSPS

For facilities where door hanging or wall mounting are not an option and want a simple and portable but sturdy stand

For use with standard PPE Organiser (SMATT-WCS2)


Sterri-Matt has a wide range of industry clients who have used or continue to use our products and are happy to share their experiences. Simply contact us to request those details. Below is a selection of quotes provided about our products and services.

We have used Sterri-Matt for our mattresses for a number of years and have had a reduction in the damage and replacement of our mattresses saving us thousands of dollars.
Trish R
Operations Manager Aged Care
Implementing Sterri-Matt PPE Organisers in our facility has improved PPE Compliance and reduced wastage. Well priced and designed, would absolutely recommend.
Carole R
CNC Hospital
Gienie Clinical has saved our facility during an outbreak. We definitely reduced the time we were in lockdown and the team at Sterri-Matt were on hand over the weekend to advise.
Shirley S
Manager Aged Care
sterrimatt innovation infection control

About Sterri-Matt

Our ultimate goal is to continue to be pioneers in the continued development of solutions, products and services for the infection control industry and to remain the go to company for the industry to seek advice and creativity in improvement of systems and processes. Continued collaboration ensures our products and services set higher standards in efficiency, outcomes and costs. 

Our Clients

Our clients include Public and Private Hospitals, Aged Care, Childcare, Prison Service, Ambulance and many more. Any industry looking to improve their infection control programs will see successful outcomes with our products.