PPE Consumable Organizers

Large PPE Consumable Organizer

Clinically designed to meet the requirements of Hospitals and Aged Care. Fits all standard PPE items. Improves compliance and wastage.

Product Code: SMATT-WCS1

Small PPE Consumable Organizer

A compact version of our PPE Consumable organizer, with the option of being wall mounted or hung from doors. Ideal for Hospitals & Aged Care

Product Code: SMATT-WCS2

Mini PPE Consumable Organizer

For those wanting a small selection of PPE items on hand, wall mount or hang from a door or railing.

Product Code: SMATT-WCS3

PPE Door Hanger Kit

Option for Small PPE Unit (SMATT-WCS2) to be able to hang organizer from room door. Allows for door to close.

Product Code: SMATT-WCSD

Emesis Bag Holder

Option for Small PPE Unit (SMATT-WCS2) either to clip on side of unit or wall mount separately. Also fits tubes of wipes!

Product Code: SMATT-WCSE



Pandemic PPE Consumable Organizer

Ideal for waiting rooms etc, features gloves, masks, tissues wipes, wall mount or hang from a door or mobile station

Product Code: SMATT-WCS4

New Mobile PPE Station

Available with interchangeable option between Small & Mini PPE Organizers.

Product Code: Please call

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